Funded by:

Vidi grant

28-10-2024 to 01-11-2024
TU Delft


This conference, hosted by noncommutative analysts from Leiden and Delft, brings together researchers studying different aspects of noncommutative analysis and operator theory. We focus on C*-algebras, operator spaces, quantum probability, and noncommutative geometry. Our goal is to encourage discussions between different areas and share recent advancements. By including researchers from different backgrounds, we hope to spark new ideas, enhance understanding, and explore new paths in the field of noncommutative mathematics.


Registration for the conference proceeds through the website. All participants including the speakers should register. In the registration form there is the option to apply for funding for young researchers (PhD's and postdocs) and a contributed talk. The deadline for this is July 14. Unfortunately the funding and timeslots for speakers we have will be limited so we can only approve a limited number of requests.

TU Delft campus with the EEMCS building


  • Francesca Arici
  • Martijn Caspers
  • Bram Mesland
  • Teun van Nuland
  • Matthijs Vernooij
  • Sophie Zegers